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Finger Joint House

Type: Country house
Year: 2009
Location: Nogales, V region
Area: 277
Structure: Manuel Ruiz 
Photographer: Cristóbal Palma
Award: 100 Top Projects of Archdaily, 2016

An agricultural space which takes its value primarily from the distant view to the mountains and vineyards. Hence, we wanted to create a new landscape concept and give new values to the immediate areas, throughout the architecture and its interaction.

In order to achieve this, we applied a simple strategy: joint, when two parts join into an artificial structure. The volumes are intertwined, shaping a new landscape. The separation of volumes creates "empty" spaces, which can be used in different ways in the house.

The resulting landscape areas in between the built volumes, are intended to low the inside temperature by improving ventilation and providing shadow.

The interior space is projected towards the courtyards that surround it. The volumes are oriented towards the main views: hills and vineyards.

Passive sustainable strategies:

Green courtyards, cross ventilation, winds to cool the house, ventilated walls of white wood, double leather lattice skin and white painted ceiling.