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Santa Rosa School

Type: Educational
Year: 2013
Location: Constitution, VI region
Area: 1.400 m2
Collaborator architect: Javier Lorenzo
Award: 100 Top Project of Archdaily, 2016

On February 27, 2010, Chile suffered an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 on the Richter scale, followed by a tsunami. Constitución was one of the most devastated cities in the country, affecting approximately 70% of the historic center, where Santa Rosa School is located, which lost at least 50% of its infrastructure.

The reconstruction of Santa Rosa School sought to recover the lost infrastructure and rebuild the facade towards the historic center, also contributing to the city. In order to achieve this, the school utilizes a set back of the facade 4 meters into the site, building a public square that together with the chapel - which also faces the street - constitute a public space and memorial to the victims of the earthquake. Towards the interior, the project was developed with a series of patios for various uses.

The chapel was projected as a rock, recalling the rocks of the area, with a sculptural purpose linked to its memorial status.

Constitución is a major producer of pine wood. Accepting this element as an identity of place, we decided to cover the volumes with pine wood of the area, rough-cut, and painted with white primers to gradually turn towards the naturally gray color of aged pine.