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Wine house, Leyda Winery

Type: Wine house 
Year: 2009
Location: Leyda, San Antonio, V region
Area: 272 m2
Collaborator architect: Francisco Duarte

A wine tasting room in Viña Leyda located in Leyda Valley, San Antonio, very close to the Pacific Ocean in the Cordillera de la Costa, approximately 90 kilometers from Santiago. The project is located on a hillside facing north surrounded by vineyards.

The construction is focused towards a valley, like a "Y" generating three parts. Toward the hill is the access, place of services and equipment. Towards the bifurcation of the "Y" on one side is the Tasting Room and on the other side it is the barbecue and a living room.

The entire volume is structured in steel, coated in ventilated pine wood. The perimeter is surrounded by a double skin of native ventilated wood.