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Namoncahue Village

Type: Master plan, scientific village
Year: 2011
Location: Biosphere reserve araucarias, IX region
Team architects: Cristóbal Valenzuela + Ángela Delorenzo and Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido                                                        
Collaborator architects: Gonzalo Arteche and Javier Lorenzo
Client: Parks for Chile

The master plan of the corridor, includes a scientific village as a place of congregation and distribution to other areas of the park, in a space of 7 ha. The circulation and buildings are mostly located within this area. Talking about circulation, conceptually we named the strategy "Arborization", answering the question: How to inhabit a place in a flexible way and with an open system? One that can adapt, during construction, to changes in topography and unidentified trees in the topographic plan in the design phase. The Arborization refers to the circulation in a branch-like way and as an open system that adapts to different situations, and to which is added a set of constructive solutions in relation to the conditions of the place.