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Catch The Tree Spa

Type: Private spa
Year: 2010
Location: Santiago de Chile
Area: 166 m2
Collaborator architects: Juan Carlos Muños and Gonzalo Arteche
Photographer: Sergio Pirrone
Structure: Cargaz Ingeniería
Award: National Sample, Architecture Biennale, Chile, 2010

The project's modeling was worked together with the design of the architectural object, this way, we could take the natural outdoor space into the interior.

This project is focused in landscape, with stairs and pots, finishing in a space where there was an old Damascus. The light aims to get a permeable space between outside and inside to find the course of the day, through skylights and glazed skin along almost half of the perimeter of the project. White interior color, and furniture into a work of mirror reflections and notes also provide shade from the vegetation surrounding the project.

Passive sustainable strategies apply:

The sauna facing north to raise their internal temperature.

The garden is designed for the collection of species and food species such as Capers, Lavender, Rosemary creeping Laurel eating, herbs. Thus, the space exists no only to be observed, also it has other purposes.