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Old Grangonian Club

Type: Sports club
Year: 2009
Location: Chicureo, Metropolitan region
Area: 1.600 m2
Collaborator architects: Javier Lorenzo and Pablo Andrade

The main purpose of the master plan is to generate a central green core of approximately 1 ha. in which the Club House is located.

The first level is buried 1.5 meters under the Natural Land Level (NTN), because the ground contains a layer of expansive clay that would have to me removed anyway. This first level constitutes the foundations of reinforced concrete, on which the second level of prefabricated structure in laminated wood is mounted.

Rescuing the identity of the club linked to British culture, we based the idea on a topology type, drawn from the constructions of villages of Great Britain: successions of houses with high roofs, stone sockets, labyrinthine and complex formations. Reinterpreting it to our climate and contemporary context. The succession of houses are used as a succession of spaces oriented to calculated views.