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Catch The View House

Type: Beach house
Year: 2013
Location: Zapallar, V region
Area: 593 m2
Collaborator architects: Javier Lorenzo, Gonzalo Arteche, Francisco Duarte and Andrés Altamirano
Photographer: Sergio Pirrone

Catch the View House was originated from an intention of capturing and framing the different existing views from the inside spaces towards the sea and surrounding landscape. To accomplish this, a study of the views was made, as well as considerations on the advantages and disadvantages of the coastal climate and the first-line exposure to the sea. The volumes frame the coastal border a ravine and the breakwater, avoiding the direct exposure to near constructions.

The volumes are stacked one above the other, remembering how randomly shoreline rocks are stacked in this coastal landscape. We use a similar color from the rocks too, a dark grey, for the exterior facade of the house.

For the house structure, we use a system of prefabricated concrete panels, with a high isolation performance, which also reduces construction time. Material selection criteria were based on the performance, durability and maintenance of the materials in harsh coastal environments.