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La Montaña Brewery

Type: Architecture (private contest)
Year: 2015
Location: Alto Jhuel, Buin, Metropolitan region
Area: 1.400 m2
Collaborator architect: Javier Lorenzo

La Montaña Brewery aims to summon the different human and natural dynamics, contemporary and ancestral, passive and torrential, sensorial and material, mystical and meditative, that make up the character of the Maipo reserve.

The project not only seeks an habitable building, also a habitable landscape that rekindles the experience of moving from the base to the summit of the mountain and the events that may occur in this crossing.

In this way, the project builds a new geography on the hill where it is located, inspired by the spine of the mountain, through which the ancient Inca inhabitants walked through the southern door of the empire towards the Santiago valley. Thus, the route of the water is replicated, from the highest point, descending by gravity and directed by the slope. This is emphasized by the location of the two pools of water accumulation on top of a tower that represents the high point of the summit, from where you can see a panoramic view, to understand the whole landscape.

The arrival to the tower is proposed as a perimeter route through the building's roof (catwalk 1, plant scale 1: 250), from the lowest point to the highest point. This same exterior route through the roof of the building, connects with the external route proposed for the ravine through bridges and pedestrian paths (walkway 2, plant scale 1: 250), constituting a continuous walk through the different points (1 ha. approx).

In addition, a tour of the interior of the building (interior tour, image 5) is proposed, which can be done from the highest point, accessing through the observation tower, descending in the direction of the terrain slope, following the descending movement of water and beer, or from the ravine directly to the bar/restaurant La Montaña and up in the opposite direction towards the tower.