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E House

Type: Emergency social housing, post-earthquake 27F
Year: 2010
Location: VI, VII and VIII regions
Area: 48 m2
Collaborator architect: Javier Lorenzo
Awards: Selected National Sample, Architecture Biennal of Chile, 2010

We asked ourselves how to increase the quality of the habitability of basic housing, without necessarily increasing construction costs. Also, how to achieve an interior distribution so that house's private space (two bedrooms and a bathroom) was as private as possible in the public space of the house (kitchen, living and dining room). In order to solve the first point, we consider the cold and humidity inside a house as the variables that decrease the quality of life of people, after visiting homes of this type and obtaining testimonials of people. These variables are a nest for pulmonary diseases in winter.

We apply two solutions: ventilated skin in walls and ceiling, which consists of a space of five cms. by which the air circulates, cooling in summer and eliminating the humidity in winter. Velux, thermopanel window located on the inclined roof of the house that brings luminosity to the interior, also increases the temperature and allows greater ventilation on hot days. The second purpose is solved with a simple and functional plant, where the wet network is concentrated to save costs and separate common spaces from private dwellings.