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Las Palmas Bike Park

Type: Master plan, infrastructure bike park
Year: 2015
Location: Leyda, V region.
Area: 250 ha.
Collaborator architects: Javier Lorenzo and Félix Salinas
Motocross track design: MX Track Builders (USA)
Bike park design and construction: Park Land Solutions
Motocross track design and construction: MX Track Builders (USA), Park Land Solutions            
Photogrpaher: Pablo Casals, Juan Luis de Heeckeren y Francisco Fuenzalida
Award: SelectionXVI Biennial of International Architecture of Buenos Aires 2017  

Master plan
The master plan Bike Park Las Palmas has as main objective to identify the conditions of the territory for sport circuits, focusing on the optimization of the slope in its playful and sporting sense and also in the protection of the natural landscape.

This project, located in Lyeda, 90 km from Santiago, has a bike park with varied tracks in more than 200 ha. The central area of the park is covered by native Mediterranean forest and there it is situated the main infrastructure of the park, looking like a village within the landscape. This is a meeting place, is the beginning and end of the route and the program is distributed in two main volumes: the store and bathrooms, in adittion to picnic tables, parking and rest area with benches and bicycle parking. The circulation of the village is proposed in an organic way through paths carefully constructed with techniques of low environmental impact, distributing the flows of people functionally, so that the service paths of the village and the park can camouflage with the sports paths.

Architecture - Structure and skin
The store and bathrooms are projected as volumes suspended in a modular grid of 3x3m, using the standard measurement of the wood. Armed with pillars of 6x6m, floor beams of 2x8m and roof beams of 2x6m. It is constructed considerating a minimum distance from the floor, allowing ventilation. The volume is wrapped in eucalyptus's skin rods extracted from the same park, which are usually used in local reunions during national holidays. This material it is easily taken from the field of the park, which makes the construction more efficient in costs and times.