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Park In

Type: Urban park
Year: 2011
Ubication: Walnut Creek, California
Area: 2 ha.

Walnut Creek is a suburb located on the east coast of San Francisco bay area. It is a valley, through which gullies crosses from the mountains to the bay. Many of these ravines were channeled as the construction of the urban center advanced, limiting the river's space and causing eventual flooding or habitat loss.

The project (Landscape architecture and environmental planning UC, Berkeley, 2011) seek the rehabilitation of one of the ravines that crosses downtown Walnut Creek, building a public space along it, recovering riparian habitat, connecting public spaces in a large green space and, at the same time, it helps tu alleviate flood problems in times of heavy rains.

In order to achieve these objectives in a sustainable manner, the idea is to collect rainwater on the roofs of buildings located in the public urban center and to manage the torrential waters that eventually descend through the stream, thus, to take advantage of this water to irrigation and alleviate the flood problems that exist in the area. Also, when water flows are low, the river it us used as a public space that connects the pedestrian with the different squares throughout the city.