Architecture Architecture

We propose game changing relationships between structures and landscapes designed to add environmental value and restore the local identity of each place and it’s inhabitants. We offer to our clients an involvement in both the initial process of an architectural project and in the specification of ideas considering their various relevant aspects: motivation, program, market, profitability, impact, image, optimization of times and costs, among others. We offer collaboration to determine preliminary project idea feasibility, schematic design, design development, construction documents, preparation of bid documents, selection of only recommended sub-contractors, and construction phase services to ensure the project is built as specified and as approved by the owner.

Experience: education, office and residential buildings, hotels, first and second family home, cultural spaces, sports facilities, among other programs.

Environmental planning and urban design Environmental planning and urban design

We propose informed and inclusive designs for new or pre-existing cities considering the potential impact on the natural and built environment at different working scales. We work with a proven methodology to elaborate the following diagnoses that inform the final project delineation: applicable planning instruments and legal diagnosis, technical diagnosis, stakeholders diagnosis considering pre-existing and potential uses, site context diagnosis including a site inventory and characterization, real state and program development strategy, benchmarking, plus Key Focus Areas and KPI´s to be defined. As a result, a concept master plan and overall framework is developed informing key strategies to be followed based on the possibilities of site development and local community concepts, as well as specific tactics to implement each stage. This concept master plan is delivered at a schematic design level, to continue to be developed in detail in following stages through design, construction and entitlement documents for the whole site or in phases.

Experience: Master Plans with Inclusive and Low Impact Development concepts, Conservation and limited real estate development, Low water Impact Developments, coastal boundary design, lakes, wetlands, sports complexes, tourism infrastructure, urban design and resilience, incorporation of ecosystem services, among other programs.



Landscape architecture Landscape architecture

We propose an understanding of landscape architecture as a unique design tool to expose at site scale broader systems urban and/or territorial. The design project must be scalable, responding to these larger systems. For example, we respond to a broader architectural project or urban piece by containing it to a natural/cultural territory to which it belongs. In this way, we can –use landscape architecture as a tool to expose people to urban or territorial processes that would be imperceptible to daily experience, due to their time scale and dimensional scale.

Experience: rehabilitation of degraded landscapes, incorporation of ecosystem services, urban water management, agro-landscape, landscape and urban resilience, among other programs.