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In L A N D we are architects, landscape architects, environmental and urban planners, artists and motivators, committed to applying innovativedesign principles to projects that improve the relationship between built and natural environments.

Our designs purposefully integrate environmental and social initiatives in projects that promote and enhance local value. We work on projects from the scale of the city to the individual, that integrate ecological, social, real estate, normative and economic factors.

We are interested in good results and sound work processes, so we offer consistent,  personalized monitoring. We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists working at the highest level of professionalism.

Our commitment is to collaborate with people, communities, companies, government and teams, who believe in change and innovation through environmental design.

L A N D was foundated in 2007, and since then, our has been awarded, published and exhibited globally. In 2009, Las Palmas Spa received silver medal at the Miami Biennale, and in 2010 and 2012 was selected for the Chile Biennale. In 2014, Casa Rambla won the Jury Selection at the UFLO awards in Buenos Aires. In 2016, Casa Fingert Joint and Santa Rosa School were in the 100 Top Projects by ArchdailyPLADBI (Development Plan of Low Environmental Impact and Inclusive) is a finalist in the outstanding Innovation Awards AVONNI 2016, category New City. L A N D has been exhibited internationally at The University of Melbourne (Australia), at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago (USA), UBL London (UK) and IUAV University in Venice (Italy). Also, our work has been published in prestigious architecture magazines such as AMC (France), OF ARCH (Italy), IW (Korea), and TRACE (Chile), among others.


Angela is a co-founder of L A N D. She received her master's degree in Landscape Architecture, with an emphasis in Environmental Planning and Urban Design, (MLA) at the University of California, Berkeley.  Previously she obtained a diploma in Project Evaluation and Management from the Business School of the Universidad de Chile, and studied architecture at the Finis Terrae University, graduating with highest honors, having completed undergraduate studies at RMIT University Melbourne Australia. In addition, Angela has participated in several seminars and research projects: Rehabilitation of Urban Rivers (Portugal), Appropriate Use of River Floodplains (California), Role of Sustainable Development in Coastal Towns in Mediterranean Regions (California, Portugal , Chile), Urban Morphology and Climate Change (Valdivia, Chile), Management of the Urban Basin and Wetlands of Llanquihue Lake (Chile),Ornamental Use of Native Vegetation (Chile), among others. Art is an important part of her interests too, participating in the art workshop of Eugenio Dittborn and in various activities that promote creativity and critical thinking, motivated by the interdisciplinary needs of the practice of architecture.

Additionally, Angela has taught Urban Ecology courses, currently at Universidad Diego Portales; Universidad Andrés Bello, 2015, and previously during her master’s degree at Berkeley where she collaborated as Teacher Assistant for an MLA Studio in Tactical Urbanism and a Drawing the Landscape course. She has also coordinated and taught for six years art workshops at an informal settlement in Lo Barnechea County, Chile. 

Angela leads and coordinates multidisciplinary teams in LAND projects and initiatives, collaborating with our clients in the management, definition of program, coordination of sub-contractors and project documentation. Angela is focused on elaborating game changing strategies that promote the unique social and environmental identity of each place, improving the quality of life for the local inhabitants.


Cristóbal is a co-founder of L A N D.  He received his architecture degree from the Finis Terrae University with distinction, and obtained a Sustainable Architecture diploma from Universidad Católica (PUC). Incorporating the technical concepts of sustainability in the projects of L A N D, with responsible and innovative designs respectful of the natural and built environments.

Inspired by the sea and sports, he previously worked as an architect in the coastal city of Matanzas, region VI of Chile, while practicing kitesurfing (he established himself as a national champion, and placed ninth in the PKRA Kitesurfing World Championship in 2007, among other titles). From 2011 to 2013 he lived in Berkeley, California, running a California satellite office of L A N D, located in Santiago, Chile. He also participated in various seminars related to sustainable coastal development (Portugal and California), Low Impact Development in landscape architecture (California, USA) and hydrology and urban design (California, USA). 

Cristóbal coordinates multidisciplinary teams for diverse projects during the preliminary phases of concept design. He follows design documents, entitlements, and construction documents, and accompanies  our clients, throughout the design process. 

Additionally, he collaborates with environmental and social initiatives through planning and applied design, especially in urban and rural coastal areas, related to his passion for the sea.

Javier Lorenzo // Associate architect

Javier is an associate architect of L A N D. He studied in the Faculty of Architecture of Urbanism, University of Mendoza, Argentina. Later, he obtained diplomas in Sustainable Architecture in Universidad de Chile and Parametric Design and Digital Manufacture in the Universidad Católica de Chile.

He coordinates multidisciplinary projects from their beginning, collaborating in every area and with specialists according to each project.

His motivation is focused in improving the design processes through new technologies oriented to design and  production, which allows integrating variables such as volume, environment, structure, as well as efficiency in construction and manufacturing.



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